Saturday, December 8, 2012


Why Complicate Life...Make It Simple,So that Others Can Understand You Well,We just have one life keep it simple silly :)


Missing somebody? …Call

Wanna meet up? … Invite

Wanna be understood? …Explain
Have questions? …Ask
Don’t like something? …Say it

Like something?…State it

Want something?….Ask for it

Love someone ? …Tell it

It’s better to Express, Rather to Expect
You already have the NO, Take the risk of getting the YES !!


You Can't Control Your Life...Your Time..or Your Destiny...
But One Thing You Can Control,Which Will Give a Positive & Happy Effect To All This...
Is Your WORDS...
Mind what you are Telling & How You are Presenting...

May Be You are Hurting Somebody Knowingly or Unknowingly...
So Just Take Hold On your Words & You Can Change Everything Positively!!! :)


"Smile" is a gift of God... Some utilize it fully, Some don't..
One thing We all Should understand... 

What is happening in our Life,we can't stop...
We can't aspire for more beyond capability...
We can't change our fate...
We can't force anybody beyond their Interest..  
But Whatever We have, or We are Getting or Any good-things are happening ...can't be taken by anybody!!

There are people who are not even getting 10% of what we are getting !!
So think ...

"We should be happy What we have & expect good things further Being Positive??"
"We should be Always be Sad & Unhappy For,what we are not having now??"

**I always think We should utilize fully,God's incredible & Most Beautiful Gift "SMILE"
Because " It's Cost Nothing...But Worth Everything" :)