Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When To Educate Your Child About Sex ?

Most parents find it difficult to talk to their children about sex; some feel unconcern about sex education, but we should know that our children spend a lot of their time watching television and most of these programmes they watch and what happen around them affect their lifestyle either positively or negatively, so is up to we; parents should educate their children about sex and safety and not letting them learn it outside, because you don't know what they are been taught there.
Children around age six ask questions like "where babies came from?" or "what are breast are?" when children start asking question like this, the best thing parent should give them honest and accurate information, just tell them everything don't hid anything from them. Its better they know and learn from you than they should learn them outside, from that age, every year as they mature, you should add more information to the level of their understanding.
Let them know that:

1. No Drinking
2. No Smoking
3. No Sex, no babies until marriage

It is important that children should know what would happen if they should have sex, the diseases they could contacted even if they wear some type of condom, disease like STDs, but there are sure way of not contacting the disease or getting a girl pregnant, if he stay away from sex.
It would be nice for you sex educate your children rather than letting their teachers or learn from their friends which can be dangerous to them and to you their parent. So give your best to your children education.

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