Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Someone so tiny, someone so sweet
we would love for you to meet!

We are so happy to announce the newest branch on our family tree!
A sweet little Baby as lovely as can be!

She’s a precious little angel sent from above
wrapped in pink and surrounded by love
Tiny fingers, tiny toes
tiny face, tiny nose
dresses and dolls and little curls
we’ll be thrilled to announce that it’s a girl!

Hey diddle, diddle
with a laugh and a giggle
our baby will arrive
Mom and Dad will Laugh
and cry the tears of joy
and promised her the moon!
From the top of her head
to the toes on her feet,
she will be perfect and oh so sweet.
A star will fall down from heaven
and  will land in our arms
with all of mommy’s sweetness
and all of daddy’s charm
Love, joy and wonderful dreams
all the sweetest things
that a baby girl brings
She’ll be heartful, a hugful of joy and delight,
a sweet little bundle of love at first sight.
Cute and cuddly, full of charms,
and custom will made to fit our arms!
Sweet as candy, precious as gold, 
our perfect baby girl will be, a miracle to hold....

-With Loadz Of Love From... Piu Main To Lil Angel Advika :)

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